04 December 2020

Yes, You Do Have a Magic Wand

I think it is a good idea to talk about the cooperative and willing universe we have. I knew this intellectually over the past few years. But it wasn't until this week that the truth of it became so flaming evident. It all starts with following an impulse. A thought in the mind without much evidence to justify a payoff by taking action. The feel of it is "I am going to do this because it feels like I should."

I realize that if you are under the influence of negative feelings or beliefs at any moment, then the impulse to take action probably is not from a higher source. But I'm not going down that bramble path today. I feel better on the light side.

Things played out quickly after I followed that feeling good impulse. I simply made a connection suggestion on Twitter. I had no idea I was to be witness to joy, happiness and appreciation. Nor any clue it was a reunion when I just thought it would lead to an introduction. When what I did was called out by one of those now involved, I could have deflected and demurred the value of my role.

Instead, I just had to reply this, "I humbly be of service to you all. I just followed those magical impulses." That day, I, was the cooperative and willing component to the Universe. I can't wait to be the insider again. And again. Feels so good.

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