07 December 2020

Stop Hiding - Someone Wants to Meet You

Claim your weirdness - does anyone dare to embrace this concept these days? Oh gosh, I hope so. No need to be cookie cutters in a tattered, one-foot balancing world. A modern Renaissance is what we need. The guiding light should be to share yourself in all its glory and be damned what anyone else thinks about it.

Whoosh! On a roll this morning. Feels like the gauntlets are off - oh, snap, don't have any of those except energetic ones. I just love being witness to people showing who they are to the world. You can just feel the flow of their perfection and happiness. Those are the ones that show draw enormous crowds when they self express. Leading by example never meant so much.

You never know what someone knows that can help you pivot, progress, or even come forward in the moment. There are lots of people who know what you want to know. Dare you ask the question to draw them near? YES! Maybe to that other person, YOU are who they've been waiting for.

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