01 December 2020

Hi I am Michele and She Is...

So the thing happened again. Not the full-blown version of it. Enough that it derails my noodle enough where I feel not fully Me. And it was the day after Thanksgiving, too. I think I pieced together a couple of triggers: some stress, off eating schedule, and lack of sleep. Instead of happening when I am trying to wake up in the morning, it happened when I laid down for a nap.

I am going to name it for understanding, but not to give it more power. A seizure. Or at the very least, something going screwy in my head. It must have been because I am now familiar with the fallout from it. I don't quite feel like Michele.

What a silly thing to say.

When I paused writing on this blog last month, I felt like me and was making great progress on a project that matters a great deal. I wanted to give my full attention on that, and I did. But now, it's like I was before. Behind the curve, partially blindsided and with little momentum at my back.

So here I am again. Writing each day back to myself. It's too important for me to not stay away.