14 November 2020

Stuff You Don't Want

Lots of banging and booming invaded my dreams early this morning. A torrent of sounds pulled me away from swirly dreams. Yesterday I was aware that rain was expected today but I didn't expect it to rouse me from bed. Even the cat sleeping between my legs snuggled in closer for protection. I sent up a brief wish for things to calm down before my mind used it as an excuse to think more.

I did go back to sleep.

What a dreadful time it would have been if I allowed my brain free reign to explore all of the things I didn't want as a result of the rain. The mini lakes in the yard. The mud in front of the open air garage. The sloppy globs of turned leaves plastered to the porch. It would have then led to thinking about more things I didn't want. A negative momentum of thought mining. 

I would have been awake for the day before the sun could even break through the clouds.

How many times do we do this in our waking hours without the stimulus of something noisy and in your face? More than we probably want to admit. I don't mean this post to be an examine our baggage kind of experience. Quite the opposite.

Just want to show that you can be aware of stuff going on that you don't want and not be dragged down by it. It is how you turn what you notice at first and whether or not you let it turn into the only thing you focus on.