27 October 2020

The Pointy Stick is Friendly

Ever take a step forward towards something without being 100% sure that you even wanted it? Like an invisible gnome has a pointy stick behind your knees, prodding you forward. Well, maybe not that dramatic, but close enough to make you take that step.

I am, and maybe you too, are more comfortable with a map in one hand, a printed set of directions in the other hand, and our shoulders bearing the weight of a well-filled bag. We have to be prepared for what's ahead and every contingency we might encounter.

But what would happen if on our first day out we lost the map, our instruction guide burned up in a rogue sunbeam, and our bag had a slow leak? Would we paralyze and make excuses? Where is that gnome, anyway? He started this all.

No, you look within. You realize you're only out on the leading edge because you chose it.

Mom and dad, your friends, coworkers, teachers are where you left them. The only way forward is under your own propulsion. There is no guarantee that you will avoid the lava pits, marshy pools, and bee colonies ahead of you.

Maybe I've played too much Minecraft that it's bled through into my metaphoric writing. But it helps me make my point. You can rely on you. All the other stuff are just things to help you realize it.


the invisible gnome