28 October 2020

Head Turning Shiny

Today feels like I am chasing a firecracker in trying to figure out what to write. Normally I listen to my favorite vibration raising song with my eyes closed before I start. By then, I feel something flowing inside and I am off to the races. But this morning feels different. Not trying to judge. Just noticing.

Maybe if I keep going on this tangent, I'll attract what needs to be said today.

The fire inside me feels spent. There is no magical light pulsing in the room's corner, giving me the rhythm.

Or maybe it is some resistance I am feeling this morning. Or, crap, I know what it is. Doh!

Earlier, an idea floated inside my head that really turned it. More like revisiting an old desire in the now moment. I interpreted it as the time was finally right to take action on the idea. Now instead of writing today's post.

Side by side, the two actions feel very different. The excitement of putting together something tangible from an idea versus writing a moving forward with my life post that someone would want to spend time with today. I can see where the shiny new idea is so much like that firecracker. It is interesting beyond attention getting. The possibilities of where it will go entices the mind.

Now I know why projects get abandoned mid progress. Or to say a nicer way, stopped in their progression because they've done the job they were meant to. Not to worry, dear reader, I am back tomorrow as promised. Hugs.